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As I am a member of the Feria Committee, during the next five days, from the first Wednesday of August to Sunday night, I am going to participate in the different programs proposed to the numerous population that will come during all these nights and days to have fun and forget all the everyday life!

I will distribute water and refreshing sodas to the one thousand and four hundred sporty men and women entering the bullring by the great door, under the applause and yells of the crowd standing on the sitting lines all around, with the loud rock music exciting the youngest as well as the eldest. This is what looks like the arrival of the 10km race of Soustons, the first event opening the great Ferias.

The centre of the bullring is covered with thousands of colourful balloons mixing themselves with the colourful t-shirts of the people.

As far as I am concerned, as well as the public during all the ferias, I am at this moment preparing myself, concentrated like a matador who will enter the bullring, putting on my complete uniform with the t-shirt of the Feria of the year, the blue foulard, the blue belt, and also, as I’m not afraid of ridicule, a blue beret (the traditional head cover in the Landes and Pays Basque). As well as Dax or Bayonne where you must be in White and Red, in Soustons you must be in White and Blue, the colours of the city.

Once prepared, I will be part of it! I will sell the tickets for the Course Landaise, the local game where the man is avoiding the cow, whirling himself or jumping over the animal. I will serve at the restaurant called “estanquets”, that is to say a real place to rest and have a good time, sometimes ending the evening by dancing on the tables. I will serve the dancers of the “bodegas”, cellars in Spanish. But during the Ferias, they become places to have drinks and to dance all night long on Spanish music or Bandas music.

I will escort the folkloric group of the amazing dancers on stilts called “échassiers”.

I will follow the walk to the edge of the lake to see the fireworks over the water.

I will spend a whole night with my friends, girls who have decided to be celibates again for one night and have fun like every year for as long as we remember….

Of course, I will also go to the biggest funfair of the whole surroundings with my children and my family.

My family….. If I don’t phone them now to set up a meeting with a precise place and time, I have no chance to find them on time for the official opening of the Ferias when the Mayor throws the keys as a symbol, from his balcony to the eighteen years old students of the year, who will have the responsibility to open and close the five days.

Now I have to join them before throwing myself into this jungle of people coming from everywhere but becoming your friends spontaneously. That’s what we all need nowadays.

One, two, three, I am on the starting blocks! You can open the doors, I can see the lights, the bullring is opened!