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foret de soustons
foret airial soustons
Photo : B Duvignau
Photo : OTSI


When you walk through the old pine forest, you will very quickly feel like you are travelling back to the past. As you follow a sandy little path, you will hear coming from nowhere, the hammering of hooves and ringing of bells of a virtual huge herd of sheep which is moving to reach the mountains in order to spend a sure sunny summer.

You will imagine yourself being this shepherd, living free as a bird in this large forest, along the Atlantic Ocean, along clear water rivers, sleeping under one hundred- year old oaks, playing the bagpipes sitting in front of a sparkling fire.

You will smell a melting pot of warm resin, moss and wet soil, vanishing up to the sky especially after a spring shower.

At dawn, an intense and delicate orange colour covers the trees and the last horizontal sun rays are sinking between them. This ephemeral moment is like waiting in front of the sunset and the very last sun ray over the ocean to see the famous “green flash”.

Living in South West, and especially in our Atlantic Coast, means first of all the same as having time and benefit from our surrounding wild nature.