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Photo Mairie Soustons

Photo Mairie Soustons


Monday morning
Big market, located place des Arènes.


Organic market in the morning, place du lac marin at Soustons plage from june the 22th to september the 7th.

- small market in the morning, place des arènes.
- night market located place du lac marin at Soustons plage
Night market in the center of the town, on july and august (except the 4 of august).
Organic market in the morning, place du lac marin at Soustons plage
from june the 18th to september the 10th.


Very early in the morning, leaving everybody still sleeping deeply, I climbed on my bicycle to reach the beach and have a lone walk along the seaside and the dunes. This is the best moment to appreciate the colours and the fresh salted air.

That morning, I was lost in my dreams, feeling like sailing across the seas, because there was such a breath-taking scenery in front of my eyes, with this special light on the waves. I understand why this part of the Atlantic coast is called the “Silver Coast”.

Suddenly, I thought I had to buy all the supplies at the marketplace for the English people who are staying at home.

My Bed and Breakfast has been opened for two years in the countryside of Soustons. It is a little apartment, on the ground floor, twinned with my house but independent. Inside, you will find all the necessities: double bed, bathroom, cupboards, a little kitchen, wifi connexion, TV, and even a well-supplied library. During the summer, it is a very fresh place, wide-opened upon the flowering garden and the blue lagoon water of the swimming pool.

I think that my clients do appreciate their stay because they write it in my “golden book” often.

I ran to my bicycle as fast as possible, and luckily, I arrived at the marketplace early enough to find the last chicken so called “Poulet jaune des Landes” raised in a local farm, as well as an organic bottle of milk.

Well, my family would eat something at lunch, but I needed some other suggestions for my clients! I still had to find some white and whole-wheat bread, strawberry jam cooked with the local Garriguette. But above all, I had to buy some local honey for their breakfast.

Everybody knows that! The market is also the best place to meet all your friends and even learn about the last important news of the city. But it takes a lot of time!

I had to ride uptown on the little way, through the sunny countryside at that time! Here in the Landes, the sun is quickly strong.

Once at home, I prepared the homemade breakfast, adding a cup of fresh strawberries picked from my garden and some cupcakes cooked early in the morning.

What a challenge today!

Everything was set on the table when I heard somebody just behind me:

- Hello, what a marvellous morning, everything is so quiet!

- Oh Yes it is, I answered with a sigh, thinking I will now sit back and relax before giving them the best bearings to discover the highlights of Soustons, of the Landes and of the Atlantic Coast with the efficient help of the brochures of the Tourist Office.