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 Crédit photo CDTL
 Crédit photo Cathy Miremont


We booked the canoes for half a day at the Nautical Center as recommended by the Tourist Office of Soustons.

You benefit from one hour of explanations, may be in order not to fall into the water, and you are guided by a young sporty man.

You don’t have to be an accomplished sportsman or woman if you feel like having fun, practicing this kind of activity. But it must be always very fun.

You just have to be careful that everybody around you has a good swimming level.

So we started from the wooden pontoon, one person by canoe, and instead of gliding, once sited into mine, I began to pitch dangerously. Our lake is well known for the good direction of the wind coming from the ocean, no more far than five kilometres, and very helpful for sailing and rowing. That’s why this lake is an international Olympic Training Centre.

My son is young but already very sporty, my daughter has been practicing rowing for one year, twice a week…. I practiced a lot of sports but many years ago! Well, I realized I had to be proud of following the group …

May be I would have proposed them to practice the Hawaiian pirogue, or to let them guide on a large boat to discover the faun and the flora of our river running from our big Lake of Soustons down to the salted lake of Port d’Albret between Soustons Plage and Vieux Boucau the next village, on a part of the ancient bed of the river Adour.

So, let’s go! We rowed through the lake and entered the mouth of the river. The vegetation changed, the light changed, and we went through a moment of quietness, under bridges dating from the roman period, among high ferns which specie dates from the prehistoric period, among plants called elephants ears, into a sort of valley covered with very high pine trees and centuries-old oaks.

I forgot my apprehensions and let myself glide looking at my children discover this part of their heritage.